Opportunities to Serve
The members of St. Peter's Lutheran Church are able to serve their congregation and community through the numerous initiatives listed below. They currently are:

Acolytes are members of the assembly who have been entrusted with various tasks that 
assist with the church service. They help prepare the worship service and assist the pastor 
with communion and in other areas where he may need assistance. Acolytes are youth volunteers from the confirmation class (grade 6-8).
Contact person: Tamara Howes

The members of this committee are responsible for clearing the altar of communion ware, cleaning the service pieces, and reloading clean cups into the wine tray.  People are assigned for one month.
Contact person: Norene Stoecker

The Attic Angels is a group of women from the church that raises funds to support needs within the church and the community. The group has an annual attic sale in the spring to raise money to support their projects. In the past the Attic Angels have given money to the Salvation Army, Ecumenical Food Pantry, and other charities. The Attic Angels also sponsor a clothing drive in late summer to support Action Thrift Store in Saginaw
Contact persons: Jeanne Sullivan, Jennifer MacDonald

The choir welcomes all who love to sing.  Singing in a group gives more confidence than singing alone.  Most members of the choir can't read music but can sing their part after rehearsing several times and laughing at the progress or lack thereof. The choir meets on Thursday evening at 7:00.  Come and try it!
Contact person: Renee Evans

The Congregation Council has general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation.   The council develops the mission of the cingregation, does short term and long-range planning, and sets goals and priorities.  The council works to ensure good relationships are maintained with the pastor, staff, and members of the congregation.  Members are elected at the annual meeting held the first Sunday of November.
Contact person: Pastor Ken

During the October meeting of the Ecumenical Ministerial Group, each of the participating churches picks a month to work in the food pantry. Food, laundry detergrents, and other necessities are brought in during the year  and are dontaed to the pantry.  Donations are placed in a designated boxes in the lobby.
Contact persons: Joanne Niederhauser

This committee sponsors many activities including the food baskets, food pantry, and giving tree listed below.  Kids Against Hunger pack boxes of food for Haiti and the food pantry in town.  Ther is an opportunity to serve at the pantry during the month assigned to St. Peter's.  These are also the peopole who coordinate pot luck dinners and the coffee hour. Each activity has a specific sponsor.  Meetings are held quarterly.
Contact person:  Lou Wegmeyer

Flowers for the altar can be ordered by signing your name on the flower chart located in the Fellowship Lobby and/or placing a phone call to the secretary at the church office. Poinsettias to decorate the sanctuary at Christmas time as well as Easter Lilies during the season of Lent can be ordered through the church office also.
Contact person: Renee Evans

For many years the women of St. Peter's Lutheran have provided meals for family members 
after funeral services. The family is charged for the meat, coffee and paper plates and the women of the congregation donate potatoes, salad, vegetables and desserts. Chris Beier is in charge of calling people to donate food. Jeanie Sullivan and Noreen Stoecker co-chair this committee. Anyone can volunteer to help. The women need help shopping, setting up, serving and cleaning up afterwards.
Contact persons: Noreen Stoecker and Carol Boden

A list of church members have been made available to the church secretary to be called upon in the event there is a funeral at St. Peter's Lutheran. The ushers will see the lights are turned on, candles are lighted, people are properly greeted and helped as needed, and distribute bulletins when available. They will assist the folks from the funeral home as needed.
Contact person: Renee Evans

During November and December a giving tree is placed in the church's front entrance. The families who receive Thanksgiving baskets are also recipients of Christmas gifts as well as a food basket. The age, sex and Christmas wishes are written on a Christmas decoration and placed on the tree in the lobby. Anyone from the congregation can pick an ornament off the tree, purchase a gift, and return it to the church (wrapped). Volunteers deliver the gifts and the basket.
Contact person: Robin Bell

Habitat is a nonprofit organization with the vision that everyone in the world should have a decent place to live.  The mission is to put God's love into action, bringing together volunteers to build and equip homes.  Projects vary and are in different cities in the area.
Contact person: Pastor Ken

Can you count to 4 and know left from right?  No musical knowledge is needed to play in this group!  New players play only 1 chime and move up to 2 or, sometimes, 3.  The notes are highlighted on the music for each player and the rhythm is written out.  Measures are numbered and called out by the director.  Join us!
Contact person - Chris Ritter

Christian books, audio and videos as well as DVDs are for available for the enjoyment of the church members. Included in the collection are DVDs to help understand grief, addiction, as well as some with a religious theme. There is a sign out sheetavailable on the shelf.
Contact person: Jeanne Sullivan

There a number of opportunities to serve for our annual Oktoberfest festival held the second Saturday of October.  The Oktoberfest committee is responsible for the organization and planning of the festival and  more members are always welcome.  Volunteers are needed on Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning to assist in set-up as well as Sunday after church for clean-up.  During Saturday's event, volunteers are needed to assist with children's' activities, selling tickets, assisting in the kitchen and serving food.
Contact: Marty Green, Tom Deumling 

We collect donations from the congregation to purchase Thanksgiving dinners for the needy in our community during October. This project is done in conjunction with the St.Clair Ecumenical Ministerial Group. The group meets during the month of October and each church agrees to sponsor a number of families in need. The food is purchased, sorted and delivered by volunteers from the congregation.
Contact person: Robin Bell

Ushers assist the pastor in the worship service by setting up communion, collecting the offering, and passing out bulletins. Greeters welcome those who attend with a smile and hand shake. Anyone is welcome  to volunteer their help with the service.
Contact person: Renee Evans

There are opportunities to assist Pastor during the service.  People are needed to read scripture, assist with communion by offering the tray of wine, and to run the computer that projects the service on the screen in front.  No computer skills are required.  Just hit enter or an arrow (your choice) to progress through the slides.
Contact person: Renee Evans